Foshan to Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd. is a professional production of sanitary appliances, computer steam room, massage bathtub, shower room andbathroom cabinet, bathroom products of the modern enterprise. The company plant area of nearly 6000 square meters.

The company is large in scale, sound institutions, scientific management, the right business strategy. With the China joined the WTO, the company's management continuous improvement and the establishment of modernenterprise management system, ensure the scientific management of the company's production, supply, marketing, human, financial, material of the six elements, and the product quality and after sale service by guarantee....

Quality guarantee

The star bathroom products limited liability guaranty

To provide the following Sanitary Ware Co., limited liability guarantee for allconsumers to buy Star bathroom products:

The date of your purchase of the star bathroom products from the purchaseof a certain number of years (see the following provisions guarantee), in normal use and care case, found that product quality problems, the company will be free repair or replacement.

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